Escondido, Poway, Vista
Mon-Fri: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Who will work on my property?
A qualified landscaper with professional horticultural training will supervise every job.
How do you control weeds without Round-Up?
We use manual weed control methods like Stirrup-hoes and hand pulling. We also make full use of mulch for weed prevention. In place of chemical weed control, we use vinegar concetrate and flame control in appropriate areas.
Are you a licensed Landscaper?
We are able to perform maintenance according to California law for less than $500 per month, and we have a current business license in Escondido.
Why do you use battery tools?
The main benefit to battery based tools is quieter operation. Other benefits for no gas fumes for the workers and less emissions for cleaner air.
Are you an insured landscaper?
For your protection, we maintain general liability insurance. This gives peace of mind knowing that you are not liable for any worst case scenarios.
What experience do you have?
Owner Josh Marcus is a trained Horticulturist (MiraCosta College) with plant care expertise, and he has experience in caring for both commercial and residential properties.

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